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Registration cost for the 2019 season is $260.00. Limited financial assistance is available, usually through KidSport. For information on Kidsport, click here. You can also apply through JumpStart here.

Will you be applying for financial assistance?

Payments and Refunds:

On the first day of Fall Training camp a Fundraising/Volunteer payment will be due. This payment will come back to the registrant by the end of the season if their participation is completed. This fee will consist of:

    Payable at time of registration
  • Registration Fees : $260.00
  • Volunteer Participation Incentive : $100.00
    Payable before seasoon starts
  • Fundraising Prepayment for Raffle Tickets : $100.00
  • Equipment Deposit Cheque : $400.00 (will be returned upon equipment return at end of season).

Please review our Refund Policy

Note: The Kinsmen Football League provides all mandatory equipment, with the exception of girdles and mouthguards. Cleats and gloves, while recommended, are optional. Girdles are available at Olympian Sports for around $25.


I, the parent/guardian of the above player do hereby give my consent for the above player to play contact football and to participate in the Kinsmen Football League (KFL). I hereby release the KFL and every officer, director, sponsor, agent and representative jointly and severally from any obligation, liability, costs, claims and demands for damages and every claim and demand whatsoever for any personal or other injury, including death, or any loss, sickness or damage arising out of or in connection with the contact of any said persons in organizing, supervising or conducting the KFL.

I, the parent/guardian of the above player do hereby allow photographs and videos of my son/daughter to be used by the Kinsmen Football League for the promotion of it's programs.

I agree to this parental consent on the 22nd day of July, 2019